35+ Best Link Building Tools for Effective SEO in 2023

Best Link Building Tools 2023
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. What are the Link Building Tools?
  3. Why do you Need Link Building Tools?
  4. The Best Link Building Tools for Your Agency
  5. Build Links to Position Your Website on Top
  6. FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


The link building strategy was unnoticed but it has been part of SEO for so many years. This is a crucial step of the SEO process, which could boost a website’s ranking,  if done properly. If not, then it causes more harm than a good effect. Having the proper link building tools at your work can significantly simplify the process of managing a link building campaign. These can speed up the process of discovering and evaluating potential link-building possibilities to email outreach automation, backlink tracking as well as making contact with those you decide to pursue.

Even though there are hundreds of link building tools marketed to SEOs, the most successful link building tools assist you streamline the process by removing the need to carry out what would otherwise be manual chores. This frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your SEO campaign.

In this article, we’ve covered 35+ best link building tools and extensions that will ease your link building workload. It will cover from link research tools to outreach tools and reporting tools. 

Let’s get into it, SEO enthusiasts, we’re about to go on a wild ride of SEO discovery.

What are the Link Building Tools?

Link building simply means of owning high-quality backlinks from other domains. Search engines rank websites based on the amount and quality of backlinks. Link-building tools help you decrease your efforts for acquiring backlinks.

Link building tools can help you build links, but you must use them ethically and not break search engine guidelines. Search engines can penalize websites that use unethical link strategies to manipulate results.

Why do you Need Link Building Tools?

Link building should be viewed as a means to improve your search engine rankings and thus their overall marketing success. Different link-building tools have different features, such as:

  • Competitors analysis
  • Finding the broken links
  • Establishing partnerships with other companies
  • Acquiring important contacts
  • Identifying new opportunities in untapped market

However, not all of the link building tools provide similar features and functionalities. As is the case with the majority of tools, some are more suited for use in a particular function, and others cover a wider range of features. From competitor link analysis to digital PR, there’s best SEO tools for every purpose to satisfy your client requirements. 

The Best Link Building Tools for Your Agency

The key to effective link building is developing a tried-and-true procedure for locating link possibilities and making contact with people to convince them to link out to your material. Even though it’s feasible to construct backlinks without any tools, using them can greatly enhance the results you achieve.

The tools that help you build better links are…

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a tool that provides a range of features for SEO and link building, it can assist you in locating viable link-building prospects, research and carrying out the necessary outreach. In short, it’s a comprehensive solution for expanding your company’s web presence using link building solutions.

Furthermore, it includes a plethora of other helpful tools included in the plans, making it a better value than specialised link-building tools. Tools for search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing (CM), social media marketing (SMM), and advertising are all included.

Price: $119.95 per month, 7-day free trial

Takeaway: Best for agencies and clients looking for local SEO for tracking links with geographic location.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a comprehensive tool that provides a variety of features for link building, including a backlink checker, site audit tool, and best keyword research tool. Ahrefs is very similar to SEMrush because it provides a wide variety of SEO and marketing features beyond only link analysis. 

Not only the most active web crawler but also the capability to organise your pages based on link expansion is one of its most valuable features. You may then use this information to model the linking structure of the most popular pages on your site.

Price: $99 per month, $ 7 for 7-day trial

Takeaway: Best for large businesses with a huge client base for high volume of backlink building and monitoring as well as broken link finding.

3. Moz

One more popular all-inclusive SEO tool that can also help you build links is Moz. The Link Explorer feature of this SEO tool is best for increasing organic traffic. It is used to research competitor links, monitor spam scores, keep track of broken links and observe overall performance. 

In addition to this, it reveals the anchor text that other websites typically use when linking to your website. This makes it easier for you to choose the appropriate keywords for the content you will produce in the future and helps you acquire more backlinks.

Price: $99 per month, 30-day free trial

Takeaway: Same as Ahrefs, Moz is best for a large number of clients with a wide range of SEO requirements.

4. Hunter.io

Have you had trouble finding an email address during a link building campaign? Everyone’s been there. When you’re sure the prospect will appreciate your pitch but can’t discover their email address, it’s discouraging.

Hunter is the best email finding tool, to help you out in such situations. All you have to do is enter the domain name to find the list of email addresses related to the domain. If all you know is an author’s name, you can check the domain’s common pattern without an account and make a guess. You’ll also see a list of sources with returned results to verify email addresses and formats.

Price: $49 per month, 25 monthly free searches

Takeaway: Best for agencies seeking out for high outreach or to enhance content marketing strategy.

5. Magools

Mangools is an SEO toolkit featuring link-building capabilities. SERPChecker can examine keyword search results and determine ranking website authority. This can assist you identify authoritative, niche-relevant sites for link-building.

LinkMiner is Mangools backlink analysis tool. You can simply enter a competitor’s URL to instantly uncover their strongest backlinks based on metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow. To save tabs, the tool lets you preview link location and anchor text. You can add URLs to a list to get links later.

Price: $29.90 per month, 10-day free trial

Takeaway: Best for bloggers on a tight budget who need to optimize a small website’s SEO.

6. SEOquake

SEOquake is a free chrome extension that facilitates on-page SEO work right in the browser. Including, all of the most important SEO metrics, analysis of SERPs, keyword difficulty checker, complete SEO audit, internal and external link analysis, etc. 

It is a very flexible and helpful addon that we are confident you will come to adore because it will assist you in doing activities that will bring the functionality of your website to the next level in real time.

Price: Free Chrome Extension

Takeaway: Best for analysing SEO Audit tool, the Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link analysis and even social metrics.

7. NeverBounce

Before sending outreach emails to your prospects, you should always make sure that their email addresses are correct. If you don’t, bounces could hurt the ability of your whole campaign to get to the right people. It’s also a waste of time to send out personalised emails that don’t get opened.

Email verification is made incredibly simple using NeverBounce. You simply have to submit a list of potential customers, and it will indicate whether each email address is valid or invalid.

Price: It offers Pay-as-you-go rates, $0.008 – $0.003 per email verification

Takeaway: Best for enterprises as it is affordable for large data email verification.

8. Linkody

Linkody is the SEO tool that is completely focused on backlink monitoring. Because its user interface is intuitive and gets to the point, it enables you to gain a quick understanding of how the process of link-building is going for each of your clients. 

Linkody offers a pretty fantastic link index and several useful features, despite the fact that it is one of the most cost-effective link-building tools available on the market. The Top Pages filter reveals to you the specific web pages of any website that are directed to by the greatest number of backlinks.

Price: $14.90 per month, 30-day free trial

Takeaway: Best for agencies that want a simple backlinking tool for real-time toxic backlink detection.

9. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a tool that allows you to identify popular content in your industry and reach out to the authors or websites that have linked to that content to see if they would be interested in linking to your content as well. 

It’s Content Analyzer researches the top-performing content across the web. So that it can provide outreach possibilities and content ideas to promote your client’s brand.

Price: $99 per month, 30-day free trial

Takeaway: Best for agencies that continuously produce new, fresh, high-quality content while monitoring and gaining backlinks.

10. Majestic

Majestic will map the entirety of the internet in order to provide you with the Link Intelligence data you require to conquer your link building strategies. You can take advantage of data that has won awards from one of the most well-known businesses in SEO.

Link Context is only available on Majestic, and it gives you a whole new way to find backlinks. You can look through, sort, and search a link to find out:

  • If it’s an editorial link or part of a directory?
  • Are the other links, images, or text around it?
  • Estimated page position; is it near the top or near the bottom?
  • What other sites nearby have links?

Price: $49.99 per month

Takeaway: Best for companies with small groups of sites and SEO audits.

11. Pitchbox

This is a company and agency-friendly influencer outreach and link-building platform. It helps you connect with niche influencers and publishers. Their outreach templates make link-building chances easy.

Link detox feature directly contacts the webmaster to remove broken links or amend outdated ones. SEMrush, Moz, and Majestic integration makes it more than an email marketing platform. It pulls SEO analytics for link verification. 

Price: $195 per month

Takeaway: Best for SEO agencies with clients who wish to track link building progress.

12. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is an end-to-end outreach CRM that helps you create effective email campaigns, strengthen your connections, and streamline your outreach efforts. After all, sending out multiple emails is usually required to secure a backlink.

With BuzzStream, you can execute your link-building campaigns in a very short span. BuzzStream’s powerful automation  handles all the heavy lifting for you, and you can easily monitor your campaigns success with just a few clicks.

Price: $24 per month, 14-day free trial

Takeaway: Best for agencies with higher staff members managing a single account for tracking the progress of different links.

13. JustReachOut

This tool helps you gain news and media placements. It simply helps you contact journalists and get link placements. It lets you target authors and influencers effortlessly. To optimise outreach campaigns, it offers suggestions.

Though the monthly fee is listed to compare with other tools, you cannot subscribe for one month. They bill annually. Without extra features, it costs more than SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Price: $79 per month, billed annually!

Takeaway: Best for bloggers who are looking for PR tools with the company’s publicity.

14. NinjaOutreach

Link building requires strategic outreach to endorse your client’s content or brand. NinjaOutreach is a specialist outreach tool that targets Instagram and YouTube influencers in particular.

It’s able to do a targeted search for influencers, narrowing the results by field and location. NinjaOutreach will assist in identifying and prioritising a manageable set of influencers who are able to generate high-quality inbound links.

Price: $155 per month

Takeaway: Best for PR agencies with clients who routinely hold product launches, press conferences, and other high-profile campaigns.

15. Link Prospector by Citation Labs

It is one of the most complete link prospecting tools. Citation Labs provides its customers with a collection of tools, each of which can be purchased independently, to assist them in the process of link-building.

The first tool is called Link Prospector, and it does exactly what its name suggests: it assists with locating prospects for link construction. These can take the form of sponsorship opportunities, opportunities to add links, people who can review your products or services, and a variety of other possibilities.

Price: $47 per month, free pay-as-you-go service available

Takeaway: Best for agencies with outreach, PR focused client work.

16. URL Profiler

URL Profiler is not exactly a link building tool, but it does provide a variety of features and services that digital marketers may utilise to support their link building activities. 

In order to enhance your outreach efforts, they provide free tools such as a SERP scraper and a Twitter scraper. These scrapers can generate lists of websites or users centred around a particular topic. Importing data from your favourite all-in-one SEO tool is another option for analysing link metrics and social shares, as well as auditing any unnatural links that may point to your pages.

Price: $19.95 per month, 14-day free trial

Takeaway: Best for agencies with outreach, PR focused client work.

17. Scrapebox

Scrapebox has more potential with certain Google Search Operators. This application, employed by black hat SEOs to automate blog comments, can help you quickly collect SERP results.

Scrapebox can scrape and export prospect URLs instead of manually constructing them. This saves time sorting results. You may now use your free time to persuade prospects to connect to your material.

Price: $97 one-time payment

Takeaway: Best for freelancers for SEO and Internet Marketing needs.

18. Scraper

Using a scraper, you can easily compile information from many websites into an Excel document. When used as a link building tool, this is an efficient means of scraping the SERPs in search of link chances or compiling data studies for digital PR.

The extension works similarly to Scrapebox but is more convenient because it can be added to Chrome. It is designed to be a straightforward application for people of intermediate to expert skill levels who are already familiar with XPath.

Price: Free Chrome Extension

Takeaway: Best for agencies for large amounts of data scraping activity.

19. Linkclump

Right-clicking and selecting “Open in new tab” to check out link building prospects from the SERPs is irritating. Linkclump lets you open or copy numerous links at once, saving you time on every page while prospecting for links. Simply drag a selection box around the desired links.

It might not seem like much, but if you save even one second on each potential customer, that can quickly mount up over the course of a week, a month, or an entire year.

Price: Free Chrome Extension

Takeaway: Best for large businesses looking for quick SEO link building activities.

20. Check My Links

Check My Links is an extension that is easy to use but incredibly effective; it searches a web page in order to check for broken links. This was created with the intention of providing web developers with a simple method by which they can verify that their sites do not contain any broken links. 

On the other hand, it can assist SEO specialists in locating prospects for broken link building initiatives. The plugin lets you check for broken links on sites you want to link to and on your own site.

Price: Free Chrome Extension

Takeaway: Best for SEO experts for client web pages broken link building.

21. NoFollow

Using Nofollow, your link reporting may become more efficient as a result, saving you time.

It is not necessary for you to check the source code of a website or inspect an element in order to determine whether or not the rel=”nofollow” tag has been applied to the most recent link you have landed on because Nofollow can outline nofollow links on a webpage for you.

Price: Free Chrome Extension

Takeaway: Best for SEO experts while link reporting to clients.

22. Google Alerts

There is no substitute for getting information directly from the source. Although this might not have been something you thought of at first, Google Alerts is a great tool for keeping tabs on what’s happening with your customers’ keywords (and their competitors). 

The wonderful thing about this link-building tool is that it does not cost anything and is simple to operate. Utilize this tool to keep track of fresh developments, such as recent blog articles, that relate to your client’s keywords or mentions from other web sources.

Price: Free

Takeaway: Best for Most agencies, if not all! 

23. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is popularly employed for search engine optimization audits, and is a robust website crawler. This powerful SEO tool saves time and eliminates the need for manual oversight by eliminating the problems associated with manually inspecting each webpage for broken links. 

If your company uses a broken backlink technique, in which you look for broken links on high-quality websites and suggest content on your client’s website to replace those links, then this is a very helpful piece of software for you to have.

It has a website crawler that offers link analysis (such as identifying URL issues) and measures SEO health, while it also includes Google Analytics, Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, and Link Metrics integrations.

Price: $209 yearly licence

Takeaway: Best for agencies with many web page clients who desire a link analysing tool.

24. AgencyAnalytics

AgencyAnalytics has outstanding SEO tools to help you build links. They provide marketing agency-specific client reporting tools that streamline SEO tracking.

The SEO solutions include a built-in Backlinking Monitoring Tool to track your clients’ link building initiatives in an understandable, white-labelled style. Its automated backlink reporting tracks advanced metrics such as TF, CF through a fully customizable report.

Price: $12 per month, risk-free 14-day free trial

Takeaway: Best for agencies that recognise the importance of automated report generation and the ability to perform detailed, sophisticated backlink monitoring with just the one click.

25. Google Sheets

When creating links, Google Sheets is your best buddy.

In spite of the fact that it is not a link building tool per se, it is the best method for organizing and controlling your complete operation. Among the many possible applications of Google Sheets are:

  • Analyze web scrapes to help you find leads
  • Keep lists of prospects and keep track of the progress
  • Keep track of the links you’ve gotten

The best part is that it’s a great way for everyone on your link-building team to work together, and you only need one sheet per project. Having one place where everyone can work together makes things easier, and Google Sheets is flexible and strong enough for you to build your workflow around.

Price: Free

Takeaway: Best for every SEO agency and freelancers, if not all! 

26. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is another all-in-one SEO tool that can aid in link-building. It has many SEO tools, but the Backlink Checker is most significant for link building. It’s an analysis tool for data-driven link-building.

Collect your competitor’s domain name and search SE Ranking. The platform then displays their backlink profile. You’ll see every site that links to your competitors and their referring domains. You can then target the sites that provide your competitors’ highest value backlinks in your link-building operations.

Price: $31.20 per month

Takeaway: Best for agencies providing complete SEO services.

27. Link Hunter

As a first-time link-builder, Link Hunter is the tool is recommend the most. The unique and user-friendly interface makes constructing links a breeze. Link Hunter keeps it simple. It’s easier to use than BuzzStream and can identify new prospects, send emails, etc. The UI and outreach method are stupidly simple.

Choose your link-building method (e.g. guest posting, product reviews, paid links). Search for a niche-related topic to swiftly uncover hundreds of relevant websites that might connect to you. To help you identify strong possibilities, LinkHunter lets you explore sites and analyse their most significant indicators, such as authority.

Price: $49 per month, 7-day free trial

Takeaway: Best for agencies managing a single account for tracking the progress of links.

28. Raven SEO Tools

Raven SEO is an all-in-one SEO platform that possesses powerful capabilities as a free link building tool. Raven SEO was developed by Raven Software. Backlink analysis can be carried out by users of the platform using the following three fundamental components:

  • Link Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Link Opportunities

Because it includes a competition analysis component, Raven SEO is a very valuable free backlink tool for digital marketers who are intent on dominating major competitors in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Price: $7 per month, 7-day free trial

Takeaway: Best for small business websites SEO optimization.

29. Monitor Backlinks Free Backlink Checker

Monitor Backlinks, as the name suggests, is an SEO tool that facilitates the monitoring of backlinks for a certain domain or a set of domains. Simply enter a domain name into their free online tool, and you’ll be presented with a long list of websites that link back to that one. 

You can sort the outcomes by URL, trust flow, status, and many other criteria. Paid users can set up weekly automated emails to be sent to them detailing the new backlinks that their competitors are gaining.

Price: Free for backlink checking, for additional features: $25 per month for single domain

Takeaway: Best for large businesses with large link databases for filtering and favoriting link previews. 

30. Disavow.it

Backlinks from spammy, low-ranking websites may hurt your SEO. Disavowing those links tells Google to ignore them when ranking your page.

Disavow.it makes it easy to compile a list of bad backlinks to your site, which you can send to Google Search Console in a disavow file to avoid penalties.

Price: Free

Takeaway: Best for everyone in the SEO business.

31. Whitespark

Whitespark provides digital marketers who are focused on local SEO with a variety of tools and capabilities that support their efforts. Whitespark provides its users with a local citation finder, which functions similarly to a backlink checker but is tailored specifically for use in local search. 

This tool assists businesses in locating local directories so that they can boost their SERP ranks and appear more frequently in local search results by soliciting citations and backlinks from those directories.

Price: 3 searches per day for free users. $17 per month, billed annually!

Takeaway: Best for small businesses to target local customers effectively.

32. HARO

Naturally, authors and other members of the news media contribute a great deal to the credibility of your backlink profile. Help A Reporter Out, or HARO for short, is a free internet tool used by authors to obtain reputable and authoritative sources to back up their articles.

If your client is an industry leader with proven experience, HARO is a great resource for carefully-crafted comments and website backlinking. If you sign up to be a source, you’ll get three emails a day with the author’s source and topic requests.

Price: $19 per month

Takeaway: Best for expertise-based service providers who specialise in helping a particular type of clientele.

33. SEO Toolbar

Chrome and Firefox users can add the SEO Toolbar to their browsers using this plugin. Although it is formally a component of Ahrefs, the fact is that it offers several absolutely free capabilities that might be of great assistance when looking for links.

SEO Toolbar effectively highlights the internal and dead links in just a few clicks, which help SEO users to fasten their audits. It’s now much simpler to identify promising leads and craft targeted, individual outreach emails.

Price: Free

Takeaway: Best for small businesses looking for free tools for broken links finding.

34. Cyfe

Cyfe is an all-in-one real-time dashboard for monitoring and visualizing your business. Social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support – all of your data together.

This application has the potential to be developed into a mix of Google Sheets and Agency Analytics. This would mean that it has a high level of customizability but also has the ability to automatically and easily collect data from a variety of sources in order to produce a relevant report.

Price: $19 per month

Takeaway: Best for white-label agencies providing influencer outreach, online PR, citations, directories at once.

35. Ontolo

Ontolo gives you the ability to instantly search your prospects using advanced queries. Ontolo creates thorough, refined queries for prospect searches. This lets you search your database for the top candidates.

Although it may not have the same level of user-friendliness as BuzzSumo’s interface, it makes up for this with its extensive feature set. If you are a technical link builder, then Ontolo is perhaps the tool that you will find most useful. 

Price: $97 per month

Takeaway: Best for digital marketing agencies highly working on blogger outreach, influencer outreach, directories, blog rolls, resource linking. 

36. BrightLocal

Building citations is an important part of local SEO and should be considered a link building endeavour. BrightLocal is one of the solutions that offers the best value when it comes to the submission and management of citations.

BrightLocal is made up of two different parts: the first is citation monitoring, and the second is citation building. By combining powerful citation tracking and local citation building services you can uncover issues, reveal opportunities, and start scaling your local search visibility.

Price: $29 per month, 14-day free trial

Takeaway: Best for single business, multi business as well as for SEO pros as it is all-in-one platform providing different features planwise.

Build Links to Position Your Website on Top

The quality and quantity of your backlinks are two of the most crucial factors search engines employ to determine your page rank. If you’re having trouble getting your content to the top of the search engine results pages, these best link building tools should help you find the best link building possibilities and secure backlinks.

Link-building tools make your workflow efficient. Therefore, despite the fact that it is feasible to construct linkages without them, I would not advocate doing so due to the fact that speed and efficiency are important. Building links takes time, and the longer it takes, the longer it will take for your site to rank.

If you have the skills to compose outreach letters that are convincing and the correct SEO tools, you will place yourself in the perfect position to build links that will help you compete on even the most competitive SERPs.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Link Building?

Link building increases your website’s web presence by obtaining links on other websites. It boosts brand authority and Google’s trustworthiness rating of that website. Search rankings improve with more “checkmarks” on a website.

Your website’s link on other websites doesn’t immediately count these votes of confidence. Link building requires genuine, relevant content. Google’s algorithm changes, so there’s no surefire technique to rank high. As you know, good, relevant content is best.

If your website’s content is reputable and helpful, other websites will connect to it, making this feature even more important. High-value content simplifies link outreach.

Ranking success requires quality content and reliable links. Link building effectively pulls people up the ranks. Backlinking remains the primary SEO lever, even with algorithm modifications that emphasize user data.

2. Why is Link Building Important?

The more high-quality, niche-relevant websites that link to your domain, the greater your chances of ranking in Google for your chosen keyword.

Domain authority is a major Google ranking criteria. Google’s algorithm uses many signals to rank websites on SERPs, but authoritative and trustworthy websites have the best chance.

Data supports it. The top Google search result has 4.1 times more backlinks. Investing extra time in content creation and link-building will boost your website’s search ranking.

Backlinks are Google’s major indicator of a site’s authority. Google views high-quality websites linking to yours as endorsements. The more links you generate, the more Google trusts your site and ranks it higher.

3. Should Buying Backlinks Help?

Google will penalize your site for paying for backlinks, that can hurt your SEO.

Hiring a link builder is a different matter. Google opposes search engine ranking manipulation.

To add insult to injury, buying backlinks from low-priced sellers on Fiverr usually leads to low-quality links in undesirable neighbourhoods. Not Google’s preferred method of communication, thus it won’t enhance ranks.

Google now ignores spammy links instead of penalizing them algorithmically. They may lead to a human penalty at scale.

4. What are the Best Link-building Strategies?

It is more likely to do well in search results if the website has many high-quality backlinks. The following are some proven methods for attracting quality inbound links:

Create high-quality content: To increase the number of inbound links to your site, it is essential that you produce content that is of good quality and of interest to your readers. When others appreciate what you’ve written, they’re more likely to pass it along to others and perhaps reference it themselves online.

Get in touch with influencers: Ask industry experts to promote your work and feature links to it on their websites. Getting a link from a popular and authoritative website can greatly improve the quality and quantity of your incoming links.

Joining online communities and discussion forums: Connecting with other people in your sector online and establishing yourself as a knowledgeable expert in your profession is facilitated by joining online communities and discussion forums. When you help the community out, people may be more inclined to share your material or link to your website.

Use social media: Posting your content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can all help you garner backlinks. Sharing your work on social media increases the likelihood that it will be viewed by a large number of people, and if it strikes a chord with readers, they may even share it with others or provide a link to it on their own websites.

Consider guest blogging: Guest blogging is another technique to build links by contributing to other websites in your field. This is a great way to network with other experts in your field, and it may even result in some referral traffic for your site.

It’s more vital to focus on quality than quantity while building your backlink profile. There is more value in having a small number of high-quality backlinks from trustworthy websites than having a huge number of low-quality connections. Also, stick to the rules and stay away from any spammy or unethical link building strategies to avoid getting penalized by the search engines.

Best Link Building Tools 2023
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