How Much Does A Squarespace Website Cost?

Squarespace Website Cost
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  1. What is Squarespace?
  2. What Kind of Subscription Plans Does Squarespace Website Offer?
  3. Comparison Between Squarespace Subscription Plans
  4. Are There Discounts On Squarespace?
  5. Wrapping Up!
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a website used to be such a tricky process. You would have needed extensive coding skills and experience to design and develop a fully-functional website and ensure there are no issues with the appearance and functionalities. But now, several website development platforms are available on the internet that can help you develop, upgrade, and maintain almost every part of a website comprehensively, and one of the most popular ones is Squarespace.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a prominent website design and development tool that can help create an online presence in no time. Squarespace was founded in 2003. A great advantage of this platform is that you don’t need to learn coding skills and experience to create a fully-functional website with features like built-in eCommerce tools (for checkout), a custom domain name, and even SSL certificate protection (for website security). so if you are planning to build an e-commerce website, Squarespace can be taken into considerations as one of the top e-commerce platforms to build your website.

A significant reason behind its popularity is the extensive list of features offered by Squarespace:

  • Website builders
  • Website reports and analytics
  • eCommerce store templates
  • Checkout tools for payment and taxes
  • Tools and features for Email marketing
  • Search engine and SEO solutions
  • Drag-and-drop website builders for editing and designing
  • Connected services and experts
  • Appointment tools
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) extensions
  • New and custom domain name registration
  • Social media platform integration

With features like these, you can efficiently create a fully-functional website with its all-inclusive web development environment. That’s why so many people in the creative industry, like photographers, designers, artists, etc. consider Squarespace over other content management systems. For small businesses or startups planning to transform its business digital can consider Squarespace as a best website builder due to its easy to use features.

What Kind of Subscription Plans Does Squarespace Website Offer?

Squarespace is a great content management and web development platform with four subscription plans that suit almost every company and individual for their website. The subscription plans of Squarespace are as follows:

Personal Plan

Personal Plan is as basic as it gets in Squarespace. By paying $16 per month for this plan, you can create a well-functioning website. Personal Plan offers you a variety of design templates for your website and lets you integrate it with other tools and software like Mailchimp (for email marketing purposes).

Personal Plan is suited for smaller websites that have just one or two contributors, either for  blogging enthusiasts, or just for the one who wants to display their work. 

Business Plan

Business Plan is superior to the Personal Plan, with a subscription plan of $23 per month. With the extra fee, you will get a host of extra features like code customization, promotional pop-ups, unlimited product support, etc. This plan would be excellent for those looking for a creative yet functional website showcasing their business. You may also opt for this plan if you are selling your products through other outlets like Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, etc.

As mentioned, Business Plan has all the features of Personal Plan and more. So this plan is suitable for displaying bigger websites (and even smaller ones looking to sell products and services) with features like unlimited contributors, Mailchimp integration, commerce analytics, etc.

However, if you are looking to create an eCommerce website to showcase your business and sell your products and services, there are two more plans to consider:

Basic Commerce Plan

Paying $27 per month will get you the Basic Commerce plan, which will help you set up an eCommerce store. This Plan is almost identical to the business plan, but unlike the latter, you don’t have to pay additional transaction fees. Moreover, the basic Commerce plan offers you access to some amazing features like inventory management, label printing, payment systems (like PayPal, Stripe, etc.), and more.

This Plan is optimum for smaller businesses and eCommerce retailers who don’t have advanced marketing requirements.

Advanced Commerce Plan

Last but not least, there is Advanced Commerce Plan, which costs $49 per month. But for the extra cost, you get more features and templates, and this Plan is more suited to potential eCommerce websites. For your future eCommerce store to function well and have as much customer engagement as possible, the Advanced Commerce Plan offers you features like advanced shipping, flexible offers and discounts, abandoned cart recovery, and gift card creation.

Advanced Commerce Plan is recommended to businesses and websites that need to process thousands of orders every day and require advanced marketing features to keep the organic traffic coming.

Any of these four Squarespace website subscription plans will help you create a good website for your business enterprise or any other purpose you may have. Now, whichever Plan you choose your website development cost will depend on your requirements and expectations from the website.

Comparison Between Squarespace Subscription Plans

ParametersPersonalBusinessBasic CommerceAdvanced Commerce
Monthly Fee
(If paid annually)
Monthly Fee
(If paid monthly)
How Long Does Free Trial Last?2 Weeks2 Weeks2 Weeks2 Weeks
No. Of ContributorsTwoUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Unlimited StorageYesYesYesYes
Unlimited BandwidthYesYesYesYes
Transaction FeesNo transaction fees3%0%0%
24×7 SupportYesYesYesYes
How Many Products Can You Sell?Limited number of productsUnlimited productsUnlimited productsUnlimited products

Are There Discounts On Squarespace?

Yes, you can avail of a 10% discount on any domain in all Squarespace subscription plans. All you need to do is enter the code “GIMME10” on checkout.

Moreover, with the partner Student Beans, young ones looking to get into web development can get an additional 50% off on the annual Plan. Visit squarespace coupons and see how you are eligible for these offers and discounts.

Wrapping Up!

Squarespace is a paid platform for content management and website development. But before committing yourself to the platform, Squarespace gives you a chance to experience its features and functionalities through a 2-week free trial.

This platform is extremely capable of creating aesthetically pleasing, well-functional websites, be it just for showcasing your business but also for selling your products and services. But since there are so many CMSs that are free to use (including WordPress and Wix), Squarespace website cost may seem little expensive, which in hindsight, it is. However, Squarespace includes web hosting and domain name in its subscriptions. So the overall cost of website development may not be that high.

Squarespace has some amazing features that can help create attractive, feature-loaded websites of all sizes for every industry. But the website builder on this program may be a little harder to navigate through for some people, which means it may be harder for them to create a site with it.

Although Squarespace is a paid CMS, choosing it or any other alternative would ultimately depend on what kind of features and functionalities you need in your website and what you expect from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Square Space Offer a Free Trial?
    Yes, Squarespace offers a free trial of 2 weeks, during which you can use all its features and see if this CMS is suitable for your website needs.
  2. Is it better to use WordPress or Squarespace?
    Both WordPress and Squarespace have their own benefits and drawbacks. WordPress is a free CMS, but you need to pay for the hosting and domain. On the other hand, although Squarespace is a paid CMS, its monthly subscription fee includes hosting and domain costs as well. So the choice ultimately comes down to your requirements and expectations from the platform.
  3. How much is the Transactional Fee Charged by Squarespace?
    The transactional fee in Squarespace depends on the subscription plan you opt for. In the Business plan, the transaction fee on every order is 3%. But in the Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce subscriptions, the transaction fees are 0%.
  4. Does Squarespace have any Hidden fees?
    Although there are no hidden fees involved in Squarespace, you may need to pay a little extra for some premium features, like $20 per year for domain privacy and $4 per month for email forwarding.
Squarespace Website Cost
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